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  • single-use electrosurgical instruments
  • single-use MIS-instruments


we offer you a complete and sophisticated product portfolio with SINGLE-USE INSTRUMENTS for Minimal-Invasive Surgery and Open Surgery.

Why using single-use instruments?


Nowadays cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments with complex structure and lumen is a very difficult job for the people who work in the sterilization department.

Especially instruments for Electro Surgery get very hard claimed because of the current flow – their surfaces get burned. In most of the cases they cannot be used for a second time.

Another very serious problem is the cross contamination, mainly staphylococcus, hepatitis and HIV, which can be life-threatening for all the people in the hospital.

We help you to solve those daily problems.

We offer you the right SINLE-USE INSTRUMENTS for many surgical procedures – JUST-IN-TIME.


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SINGLE-USE INSTRUMENTS from seemanntechnologies are


• safe

• hygienic

• economic


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Beside our wide range of single-use instruments we offer you also reusable instruments for


• Electro Surgery

• Minimal-Invasive Surgery (MIS)

• Endoscopy

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